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Protect Others With A Mask
By now you’ve heard that the CDC is encouraging everyone to wear a mask. This is for the protection of everyone. While there are many people who do wear masks, there are still many who refuse to wear them. The...
The Benefits of Face Masks Amidst the Pandemic.

Smply put, face masks and social distancing happen to be the most effective way in minimizing the spread of COVID-19,

Ethanol-Based Sanitizers;
Not As Sanitary as They Seem!
In this pandemic era, many businesses have been dramatically hurt. The manufacture, sale and supply of hand sanitizers, however, isn’t one such business. In fact, it is a niche market that has thrived in light of the recent pandemic. In...
SanitizeTek Develops Nanotech
Surface Sanitizer
This barrier keeps the Corona virus from attaching to the surface and replicating.