Your Own Personal Sanitizer!

Let Us Private Label Your Sanitizer!

For retailing, fundraising, schools and corporations, SanitizeTek offers private labeling of our 2oz and 16oz sizes of both our spray and gel products. This gives you the opportunity to get your company, school or institution’s name in front of the public in a socially beneficial way. It sends the message that you care about their health and safety, while promoting your organization at the same time.

You can trust having your name on our products as the greatest care goes into the selection of our ingredients. Our products all conform and exceed the guidelines set by the FDA and the WHO. We never use Ethanol or Methanol in any of our products!


Please fill out your information and upload your logo via the form below this paragraph. Include your website address and phone number if you want these to appear on your label. Leave blank if you do not want your website or phone number on your label, or just write ‘do not include’. Then, using the file upload button, browse for your logo on your computer, select it and upload it. Be sure your logo is in .jpg, .png, or .gif format. We will add it to the label along with our basic labeling information required by law. Then, simply purchase the product above that you would like us to private label.  Please give us 1-2 weeks to produce your products with your custom label. Our labels are printed on high quality BOPP material.

Why Private Label?

Private labeling for retailers:
Create your own image and set yourself apart from your competition by offering your own branded sanitizer products. You will gain stronger customer recognition and loyalty because you are the sole source for your products. Set your own pricing and control your own profits. Customers are deterred from shopping around for your products as you are their exclusive retailer.

Private labeling for schools & institutions:
Create trust between your school and your students and their parents by showing them you care enough about their safety to offer sanitizing products with your name on them. Take advantage of the visibility your school will receive as people use your products trusting that you are providing them the very best, not some generic brand of sanitizer that you don’t know what the ingredients are.

Private labeling for fundraisers:
Sanitizer is now a household word and everyone needs it. What better way to raise funds for your project than offering trusted sanitizer formulations as a gift for their donation? Space permitting, we will add the name of your promotions to the label to always keep your fundraising idea fresh in their mind.

Private labeling for your company:
Each year, companies give out personalized gifts to their customers and suppliers to thank them for their loyalty, showing them they value their relationships.  What better personalized product can there be in these trying times than a 2oz. hand sanitizer gel or spray? Show you care about your customers and their health, and keep your own company safer in the process, knowing they have a personal size sanitizer in their pocket when they come to visit you!!