2 oz. Travel Pack, Isopropyl Spray and Gel

2 oz. Travel Pack, Isopropyl Spray and Gel

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IPA XG100 Spray and IPA HS100 Gel are both Isopropyl Alcohol based hand sanitizers. Test them both before you commit to a larger bottle!

These days, you need to carry your own sanitizers because you cannot count on what you will find when your arrive, or when you are en-route. This is why we've come up with this travel pack - you get both the gel and the spray product in convenient, fit-in-pocket or purse sizes. 2 oz. goes a long way, and because it's Isopropyl, you can trust you are not getting unknown byproducts from the fuel industry.

SanitizeTek products are formulated to produce only the highest quality sanitizers, which is why we only use Isopropyl Alcohol in our formulations. Our fast-drying liquid formulation enables convenient distribution on hands and surfaces. Keeping hands clean is a key aspect required in limiting exposure to infectious material, especially in times of elevated health risk. The Centers for Disease Control recommends formulations for hand sanitizers with the active ingredient greater than 70% Isopropyl for healthcare settings and for consumer use.

Product is sold ready to use. Ethanol-free. Ships within 1 business day 

FDA APPROVAL | FDA Labeler Code 78116

IPA XG100 & IPA HS100 both adhere to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Download Spray Product Data Sheet Download Spray Safety Data Sheet

Download Gel Product Data Sheet  |  Download Gel Safety Data Sheet

All materials are USP grade.


[all properties tested at 25°C ± 1°C]
Density : 7.031 (lbs/gal) ± 0.250
Hazardous / DOT UN# : Flammable / 1219
Percent Active : 70% Active Alcohol
pH : 5.0 - 9.0
Specific Gravity : 0.844 ± 0.030
Color : Clear, Colorless
Flash Point : 22.2° C

Flash Point: (°F/°C): 66/ 19
Freeze Point: (°F/°C): Not Available
Specific Gravity: 0.830 – 0.890
Alcohol Concentration: 70-80%

Vol/vol percentages:
~75% Isopropyl Alcohol
23-24% Distilled water
~1.45% Glycerin
~0.13% Hydrogen Peroxide