Pallet - Hand Sanitizer Gel, 750 bottles -16.9 fl oz/500 mL ($6.00/bottle)

Pallet - Hand Sanitizer Gel, 750 bottles -16.9 fl oz/500 mL ($6.00/bottle)

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IPA HS100 Hand Sanitizer Gel is made with 70% pure Isopropyl Alcohol. It also soothes & nourishes your skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

SanitizeTek products are formulated to produce only the highest quality sanitizers, which is why we only use Isopropyl Alcohol in our formulations.
Our products are Ethanol-Free and safe for repeated use.

Sanitizer is a useful alternative to hand washing when soap and water are not readily available. Used to decrease bacteria on hands and arms, IPA HS100 alcohol-based sanitizer gel is effective at killing micro-organisms.

Product is sold ready to use. Ethanol-free. Ships within 1 business day.

FDA APPROVAL | FDA Labeler Code 78116
IPA HS100 adheres to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

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All materials are USP grade.


[all properties tested at 25°C ± 1°C]
Density : 7.031 (lbs/gal) ± 0.250
Hazardous / DOT UN# : Flammable / 1219
Percent Active : 70% Active Alcohol
pH : 5.0 - 9.0
Specific Gravity : 0.844 ± 0.030
Color : Clear, Colorless
Flash Point : 22.2° C